Writings & Photography of Derek Dysart, some dude you’ve never heard of.
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[Note: This site was basically frozen in time as of March 2013. I've left pretty much everything in tact, but it's all static now and I'm no longer maintaining it. Think of it as a snapshot in time.  Look to http://derekdysart.com for where I picked up after this site.]

My name is Derek Dysart and this is my personal site. Yeah, it rambles all over the place, but that’s what personal sites are for, right? Depending on my mood, you’ll see a ton of photographs and little written content, or vice-versa – you never know.

So, who is Derek Dysart and what does he do?

I’m a web developer & designer based out of the Milwaukee area. I worked for Microsoft for just under 7 years, roughly half of that for the Microsoft Consulting Services organization and the other half in the Premier Support organization managing developer support contracts. As such, I know quite a bit about the Microsoft development platform and the ASP.NET platform. I’ve also branched out into free open-source platforms based on PHP as well – things I find interesting in that area are WordPress (which is was the steam engine behind this site) and Drupal.

I’m mainly interested in providing people the tools to maintain their own websites. The web has reached a point where you don’t have know that much about the inner workings of all the technologies out there to have a good web site.  A little design and development up-front go a long way.

Want to work with me?  Head over to http://djdysart.com

I’m also a freelance professional photographer. While I primarily specialize in portraiture, from child and family to corporate head shots, I also shoot a variety of lifestyle imagery, either directly commissioned for editorial or commercial use, or for stock. More information about my photography can be found at http://djdysartphoto.com.

Need to get a hold of me?

Fill out the form to send me an email. Did you fill this out at one time and not receive a response? There was a spell where this was broken.  Fill it out again and I promise to get back to you!